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This is my personal journal which, for the most part, is locked. Anything I write will be public but if you want to be friends feel free to add me! I love meeting new people so don't hesitate to comment even if we don't know each other from a specific fandom or community. I would like to hear how you found me though just for the sake of curiosity :)
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Oahu is in the clear!

So the worst is pretty much over. Nothing really happened in Oahu, but Maui got some big waves. I still feel really bad for everyone in Japan. There are a lot of Japanese tourists in Hawai'i too, and I'm sure they're really worried about their families. In Waikiki they have evacuation plans, but they evacuate up, not out. Everyone in the hotels had to get up to the 6th story of a building or higher. I can only imagine how that made all the tourists feel.

Also, everyone hit the streets to either move to higher ground of stock up with food and water from the gas stations. I headed to the school dorms because my apartment is right next to Waikiki and it's in a flood zone, and it's also close to a canal which usual floods during tsunamis and heavy rains.

When I got to the dorms everyone was watching the news and getting all worked up. The biggest topic of discussion was whether or not we would have school on Friday. A facebook page called "UH should cancel school tomorrow" was started like 5 minutes after the tsunami alert went out. An RA came around and knocked on everyone's doors telling them to fill up the bathtubs with water in case the power went out and we couldn't get any running water for a while.

It was around 10:00 when the tsunami alert started and the waves weren't supposed to hit until around 3:00 am so I ended up just going to bed. I got up at the same time I normally do for school and I checked my e-mail; awesomely enough, school is canceled! Thanks, UH, you had to send the e-mail at 2:00am instead of 11:00 or 12:00. Instead of snow days UH has tsunami days.

It was really awesome to see all my friends and family post on my facebook page and blowing up my phone. Also, thanks for the support I got from you guys &hearts &hearts &hearts Now I can enjoy my 3 day weekend and be thankful that no one in the islands got hurt. My heart still goes out to every one in Japan or who has family there.

note: I don't know why, but computer doesn't seem to be indenting my paragraphs... Or is it just on my screen that it looks like this?
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Earthquate in Japan

There was an 8.9 earthquake in Japan which caused a tsunami. Now Hawaii is on high alert for a tsunami and my apartment is in the flood zone. The tsunami warning sirens are going off and it sounds like War of the Worlds or something. It's all really freaky and surreal. The first waves (how big or small nobody is quite sure yet) are expected to hit at about 3:00 am. I hope everything is ok D: